We like to work on facts not guesses so we prefer to use laboratory tests wherever we can to clearly identify underlying causes.


These non-invasive tests can help us focus our recommendations to help you get results quicker

How many consultations will I need?

Some people can get what they need out of 1 consultation, others may need more until they’ve achieved their health goals.


If we are using a laboratory test then you will need to come back for at least one more consultation to get the results.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation

£95 for 90 minute consultation

Follow up consultations

£70 for follow up meeting

Fees do not include the cost of laboratory tests or nutritional supplements which might be recommended.

What happens if I cancel?

We understand that plans can change, however we do require 48 hours notice of any cancellation.


So please don’t forget to let us know in plenty of time or we will have to charge you the full price of the consultation

Just 4 simple steps to better health

1. Get in touch

Give us a ring to make a booking, or simply to have a chat to find out more about how we can help you. Alternatively contact us on

Once you have booked an appointment you will be sent a detailed questionnaire.


2. Fill out the forms

The form asks questions about how you’re feeling at the moment, your history and your current lifestyle. It also contains 3 day food diary which we will need you to complete – as honestly as possible please – to give us a picture of what’s happening at the moment

You need to do this at home before the first consultation and let us have it a few days before your appointment.


3. Consult with a qualified therapist

An initial appointment will last 90 minutes. During this time we will discuss your current health and symptoms, your medical history, any medication or treatment you are currently receiving, your current diet and lifestyle and any concerns you may have.


We will explain what we believe are the underlying causes of your health issues and give simple, sensible reasons why each recommendation is being offered.


We may also give you shopping lists, recipes and food suggestions to help you follow the recommendations and make sure they fit in with your life.


Then it’s over to you…..


4. Follow the plan

The fourth step is for you to follow the plan and make the changes needed to achieve optimum health.


We know how hard this can be which is why we will support you along the journey in the way that works for you.


We typically recommend a follow-up consultation 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. We also offer ongoing support via email or telephone to help keep you on track.


We succeed when you achieve your goals so take that first step to better health today.